• Quotes are valid for 6 months from the provided date.


  • An inspection of the property will normally occur within 2 - 3 weeks of receiving a Work Order, with an average report to be issued approximately 15 working days after the inspection. 

  • All reports are based upon Buildcheck’s general experience and opinion which form our technical assessment.

  • Any report may not be used for any form of litigation against others without the written approval of Buildcheck Pty. Ltd.

  • No responsibility will be accepted for any work which has not been inspected and/or approved in writing by Buildcheck Pty. Ltd.

Additional Costs

Any owner will be advised in writing prior to incurring additional costs:

  • $1,100 is estimated if elevated work platform (EWP) access equipment is required for inspection. This is not included in any Buildcheck Fee Proposal (unless otherwise stated)

  • If we are required to re-attend site due to lack of access to areas requiring inspection, an additional fee of $440 will be charged.

  • Costs incurred for provision of Community Title Plans, Certificate of Occupancy or other documents required by Buildcheck will be invoiced at cost plus 15% for time spent.

  • Work outside of any Buildcheck agreement will be charged at an advised hourly rate.

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